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Yolo County SELPA
CAC Roles and Responsibilities

- Increase public understanding of the abilities of students with disabilities.
- Advise the Assistant Superintendent of the SELPA, the Program Advisory Committee and the Superintendents’ Council on special education issues.
- Acknowledge and appreciate people, agencies, and businesses who champion the principles of special education.
- Act as an advisory body regarding adoption of the Yolo County SELPA Local Plan as well as the Annual Service and Budget Plans.
- Provide parent trainings and informational workshops.
- Provide support to the parents and guardians of our children.

Community Advisory Committee

Our mission is to empower students with disabilities and their families, to promote quality educational services, encourage and advance self-advocacy, and influence decisions made on their behalf.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is an organization of parents, educators and community members from our member districts which include: Davis Joint Unified School District, Esparto Unified School District, Washington Unified School District, Winters Joint Unified School District, Woodland Joint Unified School District, and the Yolo County Office of Education. This advisory committee: provides special education in-service training for parents; provides community awareness projects; actively supports special education legislation; facilitates communication among parents, schools and community; provides input on the Yolo SELPA Local Plan; and develops special education literature.

2022 CAC Awards
CAC Awards Screenshot
2022 CAC Awards
2022 CAC Awards - 5/9/22
2022 CAC Awards - 5/9/22
2022 CAC Awards - 5/9/22
Davis Joint Unified School District
Esparto Unified School District
Washington Unified School District
Winters Joint Unified School District
Woodland Joint Unified School District
Yolo County Office of Education