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Jessica BohatchJessica Bohatch  Itinerant  Principal  530.668.3768

Rosie Vargas             Administrative Secretary  530.668.3788

Horizon Program

The Horizon Program provides services for students from Kindergarten through High School who have significant emotional needs. Students receive instruction in special day classes, utilizing core curriculum with appropriate modifications/accommodations. Students are integrated into general education classes, as appropriate. Special Education Teacher collaborates with Behavior Analyst, Mental Health Therapist, School Psychologist, and other Related Service Specialists in order to support each student’s behavioral and social-emotional needs.  Each Student's related instructional services are provided as specified in the student’s IEP at the school site.

  • Elementary: YCOE operates two classes for students at Whitehead Elementary School in Woodland. Classrooms are divided up in order to group students according to their grade ranges (typically K-3rd and 4th-6th.) 
    • Whitehead Elementary  624 W. Southwood Drive, Woodland 
  • Middle School: YCOE operates one class for Horizon students at Lee Middle School in Woodland. 
    • Lee Middle School 520 West Street, Woodland CA
  • High School: YCOE operates one class for Horizon students at Woodland High School and one class at Davis High School.  
    • Woodland High School  21 N. West Street, Woodland
    • Davis Senior High  315 14th Street, Davis