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Celebrating our 2022 YCOE Service Award Recipients
Posted 8/15/22

YCOE Service Awards

The Yolo County Office of Education would like to recognize and celebrate our 2022 YCOE Service Award Recipients. Each recipient received their service pins and a message thanking them for their years of service to our students and families!

5 Years of Service

Miriam De Banuelos                                 Kimberly Kimes

Yolanda Delgado                                        Isaias Lopez

Lois DeRosier                                              Carmen Mata

Amee Dowkes                                            Roni Morales

Susan Drake                                                Vanessa Lopez

Reggie Washington                                   Megan Hesseltine

10 Years of Service

Katherine Griffin                                        Lisa Vue

Dennis Meeks                                            Heather Williams

Araceli Perez                                               Lisa Young

Hafiza Sofizada

15 Years of Service

Angela Diaz                                                Patti Robles

Anabel Figueroa                                        Leslie Valentine

Peter Lindquist

25 Years of Service

Hilda Bartlett                                            Monica Pascoe