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Board of Education

Board Responsibilities

  • Approving the annual county office budget
  • Adopting policies governing the operation of the BoardTrustee Map
  • Acting as the appeals board for student expulsions
  • Acting as the appeals board for inter-district transfers
  • Acting as the appeals board for Charter School petitions
  • Establishing the County Superintendent’s salary
  • County committee on school district organization
  • And may serve as the landlord and owner of property through its role of long-range policy development and other critical functions, the Board works with the Yolo County Superintendent of Schools and staff to offer the most effective education programs and district support services. The Board also encourages the involvement of families and communities and is a vehicle for citizen access to communication about YCOE’s programs and services.


  • Regular meetings of the Yolo County Board of Education are open to the public and are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 4:30pm on Zoom, unless otherwise announced.

Upcoming Board Meetings