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SWIS (School-Wide Information System) is a system for collecting office discipline referral data to make active, data-driven decisions to create the kind of school where every student is successful.

YCOE is making SWIS available to all Yolo County school sites who are participating in or have completed PBIS Tier 1 training. 

For more information on SWIS Click HERE!

YCOE offers SWIS New User training via zoom. See below for scheduled dates and registration information. If you can’t attend the scheduled training, please contact Deb Bruns, to set up a training for users in your district or at your school site.

There is also online training available through PBISApps Click HERE!


Scheduled EveNTs: 

2021-2022- PBIS SWIS

August 26, 2021
3:00-5:00 PM

This training is for 3-4 PBIS site team members (Administrator, Team Lead, Data Analyst, Data Input) to learn how to use the Schoolwide Information System (SWIS) for data collection and analysis to drive PBIS decision-making at the school site.

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SWIS User Access Levels


Only the people from your site who will be entering, using or analyzing data from SWIS.  Typically, this is the data entry person(s), an administrator, the data analyst, and the PBIS Tier 1 Team Lead.  See table below for a description of the different SWIS user access levels. 

Preparing for the Training: 

 It is best if your site has submitted its signed SWIS User License and  SWIS-Compatible Office Discipline Referral Form to YCOE.